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Constitutional Lawyer Marci Hamilton reacts to latest developments on the MA Statute of Limitations fight:

An Historic Turning Point for Reforming Statutes of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse: News From Massachusetts, and More Verdict - Legal Analysis and Commentary from Jurista March 23, 2012 Marci A. Hamilton Legions of victims of child sex abuse will tell you that when they were finally ready to talk to a prosecutor or a lawyer, the criminal and/or civil statutes of limitations (SOLs) had already expired.  Across the United States, one victim after another has been surprised by these cruel and arbitrary legal deadlines. For decades, states have been adjusting their child sex abuse SOLs in response to fresh stories of horror.  At one time, states measured the SOL from the date of the abuse, giving victims only a few years in which to sue.  Then, they set age 18 as the moment when the clock started ticking.  Now, we have a true 50-state experiment, with a wide variety of approaches among the states. There is one common theme, however:  States are constantly working to ext

House Leader Sees Momentum Behind Long-stalled Child Sexual Abuse Bill

By Colleen Quinn STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MARCH 14, 2012….Rosanne Sliney was 5 years old when her uncle allegedly started sexually abusing her, abuse that would last until she was 14 years old. When she was an adult, her uncle wrote her a letter apologizing for the alleged abuse, she said. The letter could be used as evidence against him, but the alleged crimes have passed the statute of limitations, making it impossible for her to press charges, she said. Sliney and other childhood sexual abuse victims gathered at the capitol Wednesday pushing lawmakers to pass legislation that would eliminate the statute of limitations for sex abuse crimes against children. Advocates said they have overwhelming support among House lawmakers to get it passed, with 101 state representatives saying they favor changing the law – enough for it to pass in the 158-member House. They asked that the bill be released from committee for debate and a floor vote in the House. “Mom

Waltham Native Pushes for New Sex Abuse Law

Advocates to Hold Rally on March 14 in The Waltham Patch: view here by Ryan Grannan-Doll A Waltham native who alleges her uncle sexually abused her when she was a child is pushing for the repeal of the criminal statue of limitaitions on sexual abuse crimes. Rosanne Sliney, a Burlington resident who hails from Waltham, joined others on Friday, March 2, to call for the passage of a bill that would eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for sex abuse crimes. “Hopefully … people will feel more accepting to come forward,” Sliney told Waltham Patch shortly before the rally event held at the American Legion on Waverly Oaks Road. “The people of Waltham have just been so supportive. It's been really incredibly wonderful." Passage of the bill would encourage more alleged victims to report their abuse, Sliney said. Sliney, who recently filed a civil lawsuit allgeging her uncle sexually abused her when she was a child, is just one of the people pushing for the passage o