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Ending the sex abuse epidemic: Schools are keeping their students at risk of abuse

BY LESLIE CROCKER SNYDER  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, May 5, 2014, 4:30 AM Every week, we learn of new charges of sexual abuse and rape at schools that have allegedly mishandled or hidden complaints by victims. Last week it was Columbia University; the week before, it was Florida State. It has been three years since the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky horror, and little has been accomplished. Almost as disturbing as the abuse itself are the revelations of institutional bungling of investigations, and sometimes, failure to investigate at all. Sadly, sexual abuse extends far beyond the church, the military, sports and our universities. It is widespread in our secondary schools, where it is estimated that one in five children has been abused by a school educator or employee between kindergarten and 12th grade. By now, almost everyone has heard about the decades of sexual abuse at the Horace Mann school. Less

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