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In Today's News: Man Files Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Harvard

Man accuses Harvard of brushing aside sexual abuse claims By Peter Schworm, GLOBE STAFF July 12, 2012 Original article here Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe Embry says the memories drove him to depression "I have made progress but I am not the man I used to be" he said Four years ago, the memories came rushing back, an avalanche of horrifying images that shattered the life Stephen Embry had known. He doubted them at first, but came to realize what he knew as the truth. He had been sexually abused as a boy. “Suddenly, something snapped, and everything came back,” he said. “I wished it never had. It was like a reel, playing over and over.” On Wednesday, Embry filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Harvard University, contending he was repeatedly molested by a swimming coach at the campus from 1969 to 1972. The alleged abuse began when Embry, now 55, was barely 12. Embry, along with his lawyer, Carmen Durso, who often represents victims of sexual abuse, also a

In Today's News: Tennis Hall of Fame pivots, investigates Bob Hewitt

Tennis Hall of Fame pivots, investigates Bob Hewitt Alleged Abuse Victims Hail Move By Bob Hohler,  GLOBE STAFF      JULY 03, 2012 Original article here The International Tennis Hall of Fame, reversing course after months of inaction, is investigating allegations that Bob Hewitt, one of the greatest doubles players in the history of the sport, sexually abused nearly a dozen girls he coached in South Africa and the United States from the 1970s to 1990s, according to several of the alleged victims. The Hall of Fame launched the inquiry after drawing criticism throughout the tennis community for dropping its plan last year to investigate the scandal. The organization has hired a Boston law firm — Hinckley, Allen & Snyder — to conduct the investigation and present its findings before the hall’s board of directors meet later this month in Newport, R.I. The law firm was commissioned “to submit a confidential report to the executive committee to assist in deci