MCC Appearence on NECN Broadside: Failure to Vet?

MCC Executive Director Jetta Bernier and Board Member Carmen Durso Appear on NECN program to discuss Stanley McGee

(NECN) - It's the latest controversy to brew in the Bay State, but it's roots go back to 2008.

That's when Stanley McGee was accused of assaulting a then 15-year-old boy in the steam room of a Florida resort.

Earlier in 2012, McGee was hired to be the executive director of the Mass. Gaming Commission.

Commission Chair Steve Crosby said the commission felt comfortable hiring McGee because Florida prosecutors determined there was no evidence to corroborate the sexual assault allegation.

That answer isn't good enough for these Broadside guests: Attorney Carmen Durso represents child sex abuse victims, and Jetta Bernier advocated for child protection as director of Massachusetts Citizens for Children.

Watch the video for more.

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